Road Maps with applied Faith

On holiday at the moment.

Disconnecting from the rat race. Reconnecting with things that bring me happiness.

Maps. Road maps specifically. I love them.

Combines the opportunity to explore the unknown with technical infrastructure plans all laid out on paper.

I learnt to read maps while I worked in the UK in 2005. Driving around for a car rental company, I had to quickly learn the art of map reading.

Since then, I have been in pursuit of finding unknown areas within my home country. Open to rediscovering my own surroundings.

This holiday though, really put me in third world Africa. Roads that are run down and not maintained. 

Road drivers that take the law in their own hands. Reinventing it constantly to serve selfish interests.

I have been taken out of my comfort zone. Unknown territory with unknown rules.

We are also driving long stretches of road.

Cant afford to take a wrong turn.

Petrol becomes a factor of concern. Not knowing where the next petrol station will be.

Reading the map correctly becomes a highly valued skill.

Next things, we find ourselves on a wild life estate. Minimum of 60ha. With a hand drawn map.

The map details where not accurate. Hand drawn. Basics laid out. Detailing layout and basic structure.

More importantly, where the watering holes were. As well as interesting landmarks and structures.

Limited time, with our 1 year old child in the car.

It was amazing coming up to cross roads, not detailed on the map.

We had to out our faith into direction. Believing in the general direction we were going. 

Make a choice. Right or wrong and stick with it.

Faith and life operate on the same principle.

The Bible gives an overall direction. It doesn’t give details for each and every turn.

We know what we would like to see and experience. We have goals in life. Things we know are possible or on route that we would like to see.

We have limited time on earth. Time pressure is there.

Is there enough petrol? Can we afford a mistake?

Will we miss out on the things we set out to experience if we choice the left road or is it located right from here?

The search was on. The journey had begun. 

Turning back was not an option.

The answers were not immediately there. At the T junction, we had to make a choice and follow through with it. Choose and hope.

Clues later on, along the path revealed landmarks. These clarified our path.

Direction was never questioned. It was only unknown paths and intersections that were met with hesitation.

Needless to say it was so rewarding experiencing the journey. 

We got to see more than we anticipated.

We found our way.

Even though every single route was not detailed, the key elements were listed.

We knew what we wanted to experience and we got more.

If we took a wrong turn, we had to accept it and learn from it.

Fortunately we did not make too big of a mistake.

Most interesting though was that our wrong turn was the most scenic. It also exposed us to our ideal sightings.

Mind blown.



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