Called to Battle.

To day, I entered a war I should never have been called too.

My army was too big to challenge.

I had only done good and operated fairly to my once allie.

My allie and I had a contract that was breached several times.

I was forced to part ways, given the constant breaches.

When we parted ways, I did so generously and fairly.

Months later, the allie decided to declare war. They wanted more. Their money was beginning to dry up.

It was never a fair battle. The outcome was never in their favour.

I personally avoid conflict or direct competition. In times of direct competition, there has to be a winner and there has to be a loser.

Someone has to lose.

Why charge?

Why charge at a larger force when you are out numbered?

Why force my hand when we could have both remained alive (and live as separated winners)?

Now death surrounds me.

A cold reminder that this life is short.

Death of titans, full of life. Striders walking no more.

Large foot prints that have walked painful paths. Leaving behind a trail of high accomplishments.

Mr Ball, passionate music man. Mr Venter, family man. Gwendoline traded. Stella risen.

Was it necessary? What is freedom without the opportunity to live? Did we do right?

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