Patience is a virtue.

First time parenthood has been a great learning experience.

My son is nearly 2 years old and his development has been fascinating to watch.

Having a kid in your life is life changing.

24 hour care. 24 hour duty. 24 hour love.

Being responsible for feeding, clothing, cleaning and directing this growing being is an amazing journey.

At this stage of development, my son loves understanding reason or motivation for actions.

If we explain to him why we are doing something different, he gives up on resistance and gives into allowing change to happen.

He is also fighting to be independent. Fighting to put his own clothes on. Fighting to open packages himself. Fighting to be able to look after himself.

His coordination doesnt enable him to succeed just yet. He needs more practice.

During his time of frustration, I can see him vent in anger. When he is trying something he isnt able to do, he gets upset.

His vented frustration is a cry. A cry that is heard. Heard for it is loud. Heard for it does not sound pleasing.

No one likes hearing others complain.

This cry has rang in my head before. I have crossed paths with many that have yelled out their frustrations.

Now that I am a parent, I find myself far more empathetic to cries of frustration. I can relate to the journey of development.

I am more patient.

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