About times message.

In life, there are moments when art connects with you. When art captures the moment you are feeling.

When a song rings out the chords of your emotions. When a painting depicts your feelings or when a motion picture captures your heart.

The movie “About Time” does it for me.

Goofy love story, deep father-son relationship and time traveling what ifs.

Asking the question, if you could go back, how would you do things different?

I love the ending of the moving. Where the father tells of his secret to lifes happiness. Experience the day for what it throws at you and roll with the punches. Then go back in time and redo the day, this time take every moment to find happiness and enjoy the journey.

The son takes it a step further and stops time traveling entirely. Saying that he learnt to just appreciate the day first time round.

Amazing. Inspiring. Touching. Deepness completes me.

Pursue love. Pursue happiness. Pursue life.

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