Define Christian.

My definition doesnt align with the current world perspectivd.

Christ-in-me is what I was taught. That is what Christianity means.

Believers in Jesus as the Saviour of mankind. Dying in the cross for our sins.

I believe in Jesus. I am a believer.

If Jesus lived in 2019, I don’t believe he would attend church. I don’t believe he would associate with Christians.

I dont believe that Christians (broadly speaking) represent him.

Therefore I am trying to say that Christians dont represent Christianity. They represent a gathering of people that originally had him in their heart.

Then life happened and man got involved in managing Christians people. Things got skewed.

I love worshiping my Creator. Dont get me wrong. I love to give thanks and share in testimonies of His good work.

Jesus reached out to the unloved and loved them. Tax man and prostitute for example.

Christians (speaking generally) reach out mainly in their own community and help each other.

Recently I find Christians defaulting to judgement.

My ex-girlfriend, who considers hereself a radical Christian, protests against porn. Been her lifes mission.

Where I think she has lost the plot, she is anti-abortion. Without knowing peoples situations, she is willing to make judgment against all abortion. Extreme.

Indirectly I am saying that I dont believe Jesus would be against abortion.

Just like I believe Jesus would still love same sex couples.

I also believe Jesus wouldnt be against divorced couples.

You might be thinking that that is a given. I was surprised to learn a close family member is not willing to publically pray for a couple getting married because one of them are still going through divorce.

It is so closed minded. Christians. Dont know I want to be called one.

The book called the Shack really pushed the boundaries of my understanding of Jesus. The Jesus figure in the story, at one point, says that he himself would not be called a Christian.

Implying that todays Christians dont know who Jesus is really and what he truly did for us.

Thats my vent for today.

Disappointed in those that define themselves as Christians.

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