Time to Act.

If I were president (acknowledging that I am naive in my understanding), here are a couple things I would do.

1. Stop corruption.

Realistically you cant stop it but you can slow it down. To do so, you need to start the domino effect of holding people accountable for their actions.

Any one found guilty of direct profiteering needs to be held accountable.

Prison sentences need to be implemented in those found guilty.

2. Fix/upgrade prisons infrastructure.

You want to stop the cycle of crime, we need to take control of the prisons. Gangs run them and past infrastructures are falling into nelgect.

Investing into prison upgrades will create more jobs.

3. Diversify the police force.

Setup a Nigerian/international squadrant to handle Nigerian immigrants. You train the squad on compliance of SA regulation, Nigerians can then handle Nigerian dealings (on our terms).

The international squad reports to us. We hold them accountable.

This creates opportunity for foreigners to integrate in our society. It also allows for our local squad to stop worrying/bullying foreigners.

Local squad should focus on local dealings.

The above proposal allows for SA to create more opportunities for foreign work force.

4. Upgrade Home Affairs document generation system.

Online forms and courier of documents needs to be the new norm. In todays age of technology, the need to physically queue should be removed.

5. Education needs a 10 year plan to implement upgrade.

Equality in terms of education providers, syllabus and materials. Accountability in terms of providers.

There is no excuse for financial mismanagement.

Our people need to be given the opportunity to upgrade skillset.

We need to give natioanl support.

We need to grow and move forward.

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