Change of guard

It only struck me recently how much my roles in society have changed.

In my student days, my priorities were my friends.

We would try and go out each night if the week. Socializing clearly was prioritized above all.

I remember though, at the end of the night, with the influence of alcohol, things would bwcome unmanageable.

We would often part ways (unannounced).

We actually called it a “ninja” move. To be able to suddenly disappear, that is.

Anyway, I remember being proud to be thst guy who always kept his phone on.

24 hour availability.

It was important to me that my friends could count on me.

I received a call once from a friend at 3am. He had crashed his car in a dodgy area, 1 hour away from me.

I left straight away and went to fetch him.

I was chuffed. I was that guy that you could call on and I would deliver solutions.

Last night, before going to bed, I checked that our was was locked, that my son was snuggled into his bed and that my wife was warm in our bed.

I then switched off my phone. To me, it signified that I no longer prioritize availability for my friends.

Availability for my family now matters most.

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