Lifes Crutcher’s

So many times in life, we can be hit by a wave.

Unforeseen set back. Something that stops our momentum.

It can stumble us.

Stop our forward progress and actually puts our lifes productivity on hold.

During the setback, recover is often needed.

Like injuring a limb.

The setback requires some time to heal. Time to recover from injuries.

During recovery, we can find aid. Some temporary help.

A crutch.

It gives support and helps lessen the load.

Crutches are designed to help speed up the recovery process.

Once recovered, we should be able to let go.

Too often, I have seen people hold onto crutches for too long.

Over dependent on their aid.

There comes a time to let go. Its hard but you have to back yourself.

Dont be caught holding an aid that you dont need.

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