Hand Up not Hand Out.

Really enjoyed the recent TV show of Glenn Sterns, the Under Cover Billionaire.

The concept is relatable.

He is a self made billionaire. He has worked hard to make the success he and his family experience.

What I can relate to is the his “bet”. He has done it before and he could do it again.

He started out with 100USD and a car, fake name and 90 days to make a success.

At the end of the show, when he realizes he came close to getting a business to be valued at 1M USD, he gifted those that helped him and provided assistance free of charge.

What I found fascinating though is that he didnt pay those who helped him that much. Except the key guy, he only gave a couple thousand dollars to those who helped.

His philosophy, which I see much wisdom is, is that people need a hand up and not a hand out.

Helped them get up and out of their current circumstance. Rather than give money.

Money is a often a temporary solution and it doesnt resolve the long term challenges that brought the needing into those circumstances.

Love this concept.

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