Don’t be affraid to Define things.

Maybe this is over simplifying a complex system.

Maybe I am pushing the boundaries of interpretation too far.

This however is how I view the world.

We all are responsible for defining our own realities.

As we grow up, our brains draw interpretations of our surroundings. Our senses tell us what we see, smell, taste, touch and hear.

We draw conclusions based on our observations.

Philosophers challenge our interpretation. Is what I define as the colour red the same as what you define the colour red to be?

Is the way that I view success the same as what you view success to be?

Is my goal to be happy the same as your goal? How does your definition of happiness differ from mine?

Have you defined happiness? Have you defined success?

Having a lot of money in your account does not mean that you are successful. I have seen many rich men miserable.

They dont know how to define happiness.

Its a common trap. Undefined happiness and the default definition of success.

I encourage you. Define what makes you happy. Keep redefining, adding and building to that definition. Dont stop.

I got to a stage where I said: what would my ideal job be? What work environment would make me happy?

By defining this, I was able to step out and create an environment where I could reach this place.

Hence its importance.

We are all responsible for defining our own realities and creating our own futures.

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