History is upon us.

Corona virus is here in South Africa.

Spreading globally fast.

Italy has apparently lost 40% of its population. To be confirmed.

USA is getting hit hard. New York taking the first big beating.

Started out in China, speculation that it is a man made (dna manipulating) virus.

South Africa is 24+ hours away from total lock down. Army is getting involved.

Business has to slow down. My team has to work remotely from their homes.

We have the internet and tv shows but are not allowed outdoors. Entertainment at our feet and all we want is to out and about.

Winter however is around the corner. Perfect breading ground for viruses.

21 days we have been told. Lockdown and confinement in our own homes.

I am betting 2 months will be implemented.

The deathtoll low. For now.

The disadvantaged yet to be affected.

Once illness spreads, things will change.

The next couple days are going to be interesting.

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