Outsourcing Web Development

One thing I have learnt when initiating a new project is to first test the service providers capacity.

If possible, setup performance logs to monitor the time spent on the project.

Nothing worse than starting a project only to find your project has been deprioritized.

The most important lesson though is performance capacity. Asking a service provider if they have capacity holds them accountable.

If they are truly worth their salt, they will know how much time is needed and how much time they can spare.

I understand that these projects have hidden complications, that generally reveal themselves further into the build, however their has to be an element of control when delays strike.

On my side, I know I am also guilty of moving goal posts. Which understandably is unfair.

It is best to keep the project as simple as possible. Get the foundation up and running soonest.

Once foundations are live, you can tweak and improve. As opposed to tweaking and improving site and expense of it being launched.

Balancing acts. They keep us on our toes.

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