Looking at Lockdown.

Lockdown has been interesting.

Break of momentum. Start of something new.

Taking a break from going out, we have naturally been enjoying our home cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

We found ourselves asking “why did we order out so much?”

In a discussion with my mother, she revealed that work-life (at full pace) is draining. There is a convenience element to eating out.

Old habits have been broken during this time. I have been forced to try new brands and new products.

My product loyalty has shifted.

We took a drive into the country recently, needing to get out and see a different landscape. It helps settle us. It allows for thoughts to flow and ideas to be challenged. I call it “essential thinking”.

We pass two roadblocks on our country drive.

On our drive, I saw something that has me surprised. Farmers have been working, hard. They have ploughed all their fields.

Fields that have been left vacant for years have now been worked.

This happened in not just one farm. Multiple farms. Practically all farms we drove past.

This tells me a couple of things (the inspiration for this post).

Come harvest, we are about to experience an excess supply of stock. The fresh produce market is about to be flooded.

Either our farmers have a plan to get rid of their stock through exports or we are going to have a natural drop in the cost of fresh produce.

The other important aspect of farmers stepping up their game, is why? Why are they only ploughing their old fields now? Why didn’t they do this before?

I understand that sometimes land has to go through a few years of recouping, for the soil to decay and become more aerated. It is too much convenience though that all vacant land at multiple different farms all have been ploughed.

I am left to conclude that lockdown has left the farmers less distracted. In their boredom, they have found time to do more work on their land.

Perhaps day-to-day operations have distracted them. With lockdown, they have found the time to do more than they normally would.

I have found the same to be true for myself.

I have been able to concentrate on business development. Fewer administration distractions.

I love being in this space. I kind of wish it could stay like this. Where I can stick to what I enjoy and push boundaries.

The reality though is that when lockdown lifts, the administration is going to catch up.

Interesting times.

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