Manipulated Media.

There are conspiracy theories that the world is being mislead through the media. A group of power hungry elite are manipulating the media and deliberately pushing their agenda.

In a world of instant information, controlling the opinions of the masses is possible through suggestion but what is the point?

I have learnt 2 important things of recent.

Lesson 1: Hype over Accuracy

Being a business owner, I have had interesting exposure to how the marketing world operates.

A friend of mine said to me one day: “man, you get into the news a lot”. He went on to say: “it seems like they want to interview you all the time”.

I then explained to him that my marketing contractor drafts press releases and quotes me on revelant changes. The press or publications rarely contact me.

Instead, I, the business owner, create “news worthy” content for them to publish. They then choose to run with it.

What I am finding is that publishers are constantly looking for the next hype. The next article to get traffic to browse their site.

Publications are chasing hype.

There is no time for fact checking. There is less exposure for those that publish last.

We live in a world where hype media is open to opinions. Perspectives. These perspectives are not always right and are often one sided.

Lesson 2: White Monopoly

A phrase coined by a corrupt president.

The lesson to me though was that he did not make it up.

He paid a public relations company (Mckenzie if I recall correctly) to help him create this misdirection.

The PR company came up with his speech and they caused a national divide. Just by allowing a leader to use these two words.

This second lesson taught me how powerful PR companies can be. How they can manipulate mass opinions.

JZ needed to distract the public from his wrong doings.

What are the “elite” distracting us from? I wonder.

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