40th – DJ RJ2 in the house

One of my camping friends said: “The music at this place is spot on. How did they get it so right?“.

DJ RJ2 made a plan.

I made six playlists for the event. Gradually geared things up to move towards the dance floor.

Here they are:

Playlist 1 of 6
These are my favourite rock songs. I wasn’t expecting them to be played so loudly. It was meant to be softly played in the background. Still, I enjoyed being with my favourite people and hearing my favourite songs.

Playlist 2 of 6
At this part of the night, I wanted to start setting a vibe. Gradually head towards dancing. This playlist sets a relaxing and happy atmosphere. I love these songs. They all feel good.There are 7 hours worth of songs in here. I like to leave this one playing on weekends and long drives (with shuffle on).

Playlist 3 of 6
I played this playlist after speeches. Moving away from a relaxing / calm beat towards a more “bouncy” beat. Still keeping the happiness and feel good vibe going. This is only a 3 hour playlist. So, it’s not something that could last my 6 hour event. Still, it hosts more pop music and familiar favourites. Get people singing or nodding their heads to the beat.

Playlist 4 of 6
My generation grew up with Hip Hop music crossing over into pop music. I remember Kennaird going down “rap” music appreciation. Studying the lyrics. On my side, I remember going to clubs and listening to some of these “commercial” songs on the dance floor. Subconciously, it wasn’t a party unless I heard at least one of these songs in the night.

Playlist 5 of 6
This is it. This is what the whole night had been building up too. My party mix. By the time I reached this stage, I knew I can sit back and let this playlist do the work. I could stop pacing the event and I could let go and enjoy myself. This is also a great playlist for a braai. Another 7 hour mix here.

Playlist 6 of 6
I didn’t get to step into this mix. It is designed to be a gradual party killer. I made as a backup playlist – sometimes a party can drag on too long, this is my way to call it a day. Fortunately I did not have to use it on my 40th.

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