Churches relevance

OK. I am the first to admit that pointing out fault is easy. Anyone can do it.

I also admit that I am at fault for talking in generalized terms.

There are churches and NGOs out there striving to do good.

Perhaps they are lacking the public relations skills to get the latest good news out there.

The purpose of this vent is that I am genuinely trying to point out opportunities for improvement.

My motivation comes from the thought process of “how can we do things better?”.

It’s a dangerous thought but it leads to change. Change leads to improvement.

If we don’t change, we go backwards. We grow old and die.

Change is the only constant in life. To resist change is to resist living.

The church (as a whole) is losing its relevance in the world.

It is in its own bubble. Separate from the world with desires to change it.

The craziest part is that the church is founded on the basis of spreading the word of Christ to the world. Yet, they mainly preach to the converted (their congregation).

The current business model is that the unconverted are expected to attend their meetings in order to change their ways.

The church has a voice. It can talk to the masses. It can talk to the world. It doesn’t though. Not as much as it should.

At the moment it’s silent.

When the church does talk, it should do so without judgement. It should not talk of what they believe is right (and who is wrong), rather they should just talk about how they want to help.

Having come out of a “prosperity” era, the world is sensitive to the churches motivation for tithing. It’s spending is a direct relation to its priorities.

Do we worship church leaders or do church leaders genuinely have the publics best interest at heart?

The church is losing its relevance in the world. It has no positive impact. It is not reaching out to the unconverted.

It’s focus is on their congregation maintaining their overheads.

Love your nieghbour but feed your congregation only.

The solution is, has always been, impact.

We need to have positive impact for change. Positive impact in helping those in need.

If our actions pisitively impact the lives others, we can gain momentum of public support.

Right now, the church has no mention of its impact on the lifes of others.

I don’t think they care.

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