NPO’s that are on the right track.

In this era of unprecedented corruption, NPO’s are being used to filter money out of governments hands.

I acknowledge that this content is subjective and that there are other good causes out there. I dont have all the answers. These are my observations of concepts that are working.

Whats also important to consider is that corruption affects all countries. It is not unique to SA.

The complication with our current era of corruption is that the “tender” parties are not delivering. If they are delivering, it is with the weakest/cheapest quality of workmanship.

This is not future building. This is short sighted and very destructive.

What Works?

My list of causes that add value:





Learn to Earn

This is a great concept. Teaching the unskilled new skills.

I love their success stories of people entering. Hopeless and lost.

They engage in programs that interest them and they leave the program with renewed direction and purpose.

A brilliant concept that I believe should be rolled out nationally.


This concept also works wonders for me. Help the homeless integrate back into society. 

U-Turn equips people with skills and work opportunities to overcome homelessness. The programme is designed by occupational therapists and is Christian faith based, with long term results for rehabilitation. Six months after graduating from the programme, more than 80% of participants remain employed and sober.

Yes man! That is a solution I love to support. 

It is brilliant.



I got introduced to Paradigm Shift through a close friend.

I went to a government talk that he managed to get me invited too. 

At the talk, Paradigm Shift had a chance to introduce their offerings and I fell in love with their story.

They asked a simple question: “How do you define poverty?”

Naturally, the general public would define it as “not having much” or “destitute”.

When asked those in poverty how they define poverty, they would answer: “unworthy” or “failures”.

Those in poverty relate it to an emotional state of being as opposed to a state of physical possessions.

That’s where their solution comes in.

This is a global project and has trackable performance measurements in place. 

My Input

I am passionate at entrepreneurship. I believe it’s a skill that can be taught. 

I believe it is a solution for SA’s wealth distribution. 

I believe entrepreneurs need to be celebrated.

To engage my beliefs, I have been working on 

My approach is to teach psychological perspective. Change the thought process. Help see opportunities and areas of improvement.

Help the world learn and grow.

Singularity is coming though. My actions my be obsolete.